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Hydraulic Obstetric Operation Table

Item No.: TRCB3004
Min. Order: 1 Piece
1、TRCB3004 multi-purpose obstetric table is designed for delivery, abortion and gynecological examination.
2、Hydraulic control Obstetric delivery table with 3 sections.
3、It is characterized by easy operation, safely and reliable, economical use.
4、Base cover and side rails made of stainless steel. (non magnetic #304)
5、It is composed of bed surface, bedstead and bed base.
6、The surface includes back section, seat section and leg section.
7、The up-down movement of back section, forward and back tilt of bed surface are controlled by the operating hand wheel, which makes doctors and patients feel comfortable.
8、Table height adjustable by means of foot pedal.
9、Poly foam mattress with all around synthetic cover.
10、Two stainless steel rods (non magnetic #304) on each side of the table for the patient to hold during labour pain.
11、Consisting of back section & seat section, which are covered synthetic resin.
12、Knee crutches and foot support to be available .
13、The forward and back ward tilt are controlled by the operating hand wheel.
14、Stainless steel bucket (non magnetic #304) arrangement underneath to receive waste.
Length and width of table: 1800 mm x 600mm
Height adjustment range: 650mm-895mm
Size of sections
Back section: 600mm x 800mm
Seat section: 600mm x 400mm
Leg section:540mm x 500mm
Back rest adjustment: Up 75°and down 6°
Tabletop forward and backward tilting: forward10°backward 25°
Mattress thickness: 50mm
Stainless steel side bar/rail (non magnetic #304)
Standard accessories (with clamps):
1 x Pair stainless steel rods (non magnetic #304)
1 x Pair arm supports
1 x Pair legs supports
1 x Pair foot supports
1 x Safety belt (patient body strap)
1x Stainless steel bucket (non magnetic #304)