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Q: What should I do if there is no voltage display after startup?

Answer: 1. Maybe the air switch is not closed.Solution: Turn on the air switch.

          2. There may be no fuse in the machine.Solution: Replace the fuse with a new one.

Q:After pressing the handbrake, what should I do if the machine has no X-ray?

Answer: 1. The filament of the X ray tube may not be bright. Solution: Check the filament power supply circuit of the X ray tube.

          2. There may be a problem with the handbrake function. Solution: Use a multimeter to measure the on/off of the handbrake.

Q: What is the reason why the power fuse is blown immediately after startup?

Answer: 1. Autotransformer short circuit, leakage.Solution: Replace the autotransformer.

          2. The low-voltage circuit is seriously short-circuited.Solution: Check the faulty components and replace them.

Q: What is the reason why the mA table pointer hits the head?

Answer: 1. The mA table is damaged.Solution: Replace the mA table.

          2. The high-voltage cable is broken down.Solution: Replace the high-voltage cable.

          3. The ball tube is damaged.Solution: Replace the ball tube.

Q: What is the reason why electromagnetic braking does not work?

Answer: Braking distance is too large or stuck.Solution: Readjust the electromagnet.

Q: How to solve the problem of error code Err 04?

Answer: Err 04 indicates that the filament power supply is faulty.Solution: check whether the filament board Q3 led light, V+ V- should be DC40V.If LM338 is not checked, transformer AC input.

Q: How to solve the error code Err 11 displayed on the machine?

Answer: Err 11 indicates an EEPROM write or read error.Solution: Replace the CPU board 2816A, rewrite the program.

Q: How to solve the problem of error code Err 12 displayed on the machine?

Answer: Err 12 indicates that the filament preheating value for perspective or photography is set too low.Solution: Check CPU board 2816A, power OFF, switch CPU board SW1-5 to OFF state, SW1-6 to ON state, restart the program will be written (C02 wait 15 seconds), shut down, switch SW1-5 and 6 back to start, if the display is normal, the fault is removed, if E12 continues, need to replace 2816A.