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TBC-9760 Color Doppler Ultrasonic Scanner

Item No.: TBC-9760
Min. Order: 1 Piece

General Application:

Abdomen, OB/Gynecology, Vascular, Cardiology, Small Parts, Breast, Urology, Pediatrics, TCD, Intra operative, and Musculoskeletal


Main Technical Parameter

­Check mode: abdomen, cardiac, gynaecology, obstetrical, kidney, Urology, blood vessel, small organ;

­Probe type: Convex array probe, Linear array probe, phased array probe, Transvaginal probe, Micro-convex probe, 4D volume probe;

­Imaging mode: B mode,2B mode,4B mode, M mode, Anatomy M-mode, Curve anatomy M mode, Color CM mode, Color mode, PDI mode, DPDI mode, CW mode, PW mode, Panoramic imaging, Elastic imaging, Contrast Imaging, TDI imaging, 3D mode, 4D mode;

­Transducer ports: 4 fully activated transducer ports;

­With built-in gel warmer;

­Digital Video Recorder, record the screen and audio information, save it into hard disk;

­Size and weight: W962mm,D591mm,H13481751mm, Weight: about 100kg;

­Power supply: 100V-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, Battery specification: 21.6V/17Ah;

­Monitor: 23.8-inch high-resolution color LED monitor;

Resolution: 1920×1080;

The display screen rotates independently: ± 90°;

Display screen folded up and down: 90°;

­Touch screen: 13.3-inch touch screen; Resolution: 1920×1080;

Touch screen Angle is adjustable 055°;

Support operate with glove;

­The Control Panel: User-centered design for easy operation;

Panel button backlight design: 0-9 level adjustable;

10 user-defined keys: Q1-Q8, Save1/Save2;

8-segment TGC slide, backlight design;

Standard text keyboard;

The key tone adjustable;

Trackball sensitivity adjustable;

Dedicated palm placement area to reduce wrist fatigue injury;

Independent lifting of the control panel: 0-220mm;

Control panel swivel of -35 degrees to +35 degrees;

­Synchronize main screen display: Real-time remote image viewing thru third party software;

Application must be downloadable for Android;

Wireless image/video transmission to a smart device;

­B Mode scan depth is at least 40cm. With adjustable frequency;

­Auto optimization for Gain, Dynamic range and TGC.

­Maximum frame rate: At least 800 f/s

­Tissue Harmonic Imaging/ Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging

­M mode and with different display format

­Display: At least 3 sample lines simultaneously.

The angle and position of sample lines can be adjustable.

­Color Flow Mapping Mode


­PW sample volume is 0.5-40mm

­CW with a velocity range of 0-45m/s

­Tissue Doppler Imaging

­Compound Imaging

­Tissue Specific index

­High Resolution Flow

­High Pulse Repetition Frequency

­Simultaneous Mode (Triplex):





­Automatic Measurement of BPD / HC / AC / FL / HL, Meansurement by hands for Cereb / Vp / CTAR / CTDR / Cardiac axis / PL / AFI

­Biopsy Guide

­Real-Time 2D

­Color Panoramic Imaging

­Vis needle or equivalent

­3D/4D Module (Application)

a. Static 3D/4D and Realtime 4D

b. Color 3D/4D image

c. Presets/ user defined parameters for 3D/4D applications

­Freehand 3D

­Strain Elastography with Strain Ratio Measurement

­Biopsy Guide

­Customized Workflow Protocol for Vascular and Obstetrics Applications

­DICOM 3.0:

­Store/C Store/ Worklist / MPPS/Print/ SR/Q&R

­OPERATING SYSTEM: LINUX Internal storage: At least 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD

­2D cine storage time setting:

a. Retrospective storage

b. Prospective storage

c. Freeze Storage

­4D cine storage time setting

a. Retrospective storage

b. Prospective storage

­Directly Store to USB Drive

­Export data to USB drive or DVD

­Image format: BMP, JPG, TIF

­Cine format: AVI, MP4

­ Report format: PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF

­DICOM format

­Post processing and post measurement

­Backstage storage: quick switch of DICOM cine

­USB port 2.0:4

­USB 3.0: 2

­Video In and Output Ports


­Multi frequency imaging capability for optimal resolution and penetration.

­Single Crystal Convex Probe

a. Applications: Abdomen, Obstetrics

b. Bandwidth range: 1-7MHz

c. Field of View: at least 60°

d. Convex radius: at least 45mm

e. Depth of at least 40cm

­Endocavity Convex Probe

a. Applications: Gynecology, Urology

b. Bandwidth range: 2-14 MHz

c. Field of View: 180º

d. Convex radius: at least 10mm

e. Depth of at least 15cm

­Linear Array Probe

a. Applications: Peripheral Vascular, Superficial and small parts.

b. Bandwidth range: 2-16MHz

c. Width of View: at least 45mm

d. Depth of at least 10cm

­Volume Probe (3D/4D)

a. Application: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology

b. Bandwidth range: 1-7MHz

c. Field of View: at least 65º

d. Curvature radius: at least 40mm

e. Depth of at least 30cm



1.Built-in battery

2.Ground Lead

3.AC Power Cord

4.Basic User Manual: English

5.Basic Service Manual: English

6.English – Quick Start Guide

7.B/W Thermal Printer